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There are millions of pictures in the net, different photographers, variety of photo banks but each image which is made from a different photographer shows the different vision of the unique person that is taking the photo. Everyone is different, have different angle and taste.

About me

How it all started?

Many years ago, when I was in my first year in the uni, my brother gave me a digital camera. He pleasantly surprised me; I must admit. I was happily snapping away all the great moments in my student’s life. I was amused by the small gadget that was making quality images so I was making images of everything – moments of my ordinary day, my travels, flowers, insects, cars, etc. That is how I started as an amateur photographer.

Making photos of myself

In my spare time I was traveling and making photos of myself and friends in all touristic places. Years passed, I graduated, got married, gave birth to two children, worked in various companies and finally decided to make my own website where I could share my individuality and preserve a piece of my soul in images which can be used by people.

Photos by patapic.com

The images are made with professional Fujifilm and Sony cameras with 6000/4000 pixels. Some pictures have been made with Hoya and Kenko filters.

All the photos are separated in categories to help you find the image you are looking for.

In PNG PHOTOS you can find cut elements in png files which can be used for putting together colleges or website, individually your project.
In FREE you can find free download photos to illustration. In VECTOR PIC you can find images and backgrounds which can be used for websites and postcards