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1.Collecting information

Our server automatically collects and stores information about you as a visitor to our site Patapic.com in the so-called. server log files that your browser automatically transmits while browsing. These are:

  • Browser type and browser version;
  • Operating system used;
  • URL of the reference pages you come from;
  • Server request time;

The mentioned data cannot be decisive in the identification and individualization of specific individuals, as the latter could not be registered users (there is no such technical option), but only visitors (readers) of our site. Merger of the said data sets with other data sources will not be performed. We reserve the right to verify these data in the event that we have specific indications of illegal use or attempted malicious activity by a visitor or other third party directed at personal data that is not unattainable (as a goal) but technically impossible through our site.

2. Processing information


When you email us as a visitor to the addresses on our contact page, the personal information you provide is only processed to the extent necessary to respond to you, but not for the purpose of storing it. This data is stored in the Gmail email service on Google’s servers for the highest level of security. You can get more information on this topic here: https://privacy.google.com/businesses/compliance/.

Petya Angelova is a personal data administrator of class one (standard personal data Personal ID No, addresses, full name, emails, etc.) only to her clients, and in this context she has adopted the relevant company rules and technological measures. Petya Angelova acquires this personal data online, and in this case technological measures have been undertaken for their protection and encryption at technological level, on a physical server owned by Petya Angelova.

Petya Angelova is not a personal data administrator of class two (special personal data), at least at this stage. However, in view of the requirements of the General Regulation on Personal Data, Petya Angelova has provided for the possibility of technological protection of similar types of personal data, through their protection and encryption at technological level, on a physical server owned by Patya Angelova.

Petya Angelova does not perform large-scale processing or monitoring of personal data of any class or type.

If you have questions about the processing of your email and related personal data, do not hesitate to include them in the message.

Any information we collect from you is used solely:

-To contact you by email or phone;

– To personalize your legal case and to respond to your individual needs;

– To improve our website.

Social networks

Petya Angelova performs online activities, which have the effect of co-administration of personal data acquired from social networks through their technological transfer, in order to individualize a specific person. The information we receive from you in the social networks in the mentioned context can only be the following:

– Your publicly available data, which you have voluntarily disclosed about yourself in the respective social network, without the hypothesis of transfer or co-administration by us;

– Other personal data that you have sent us directly in a personal message or comment in the relevant social network, without co-administration by us;

– Whether you liked, commented or tagged our posting;

– The information we receive from the social networks regarding advertising and traffic analysis. This information is processed by the relevant social network, and we see only impersonal analysis of the results, without administering/co-administering or transferring personal data in any way to our site or our server. This information shows, for example, how many people liked our posting thanks to an ad, what is the percentage of men compared to women. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ad, we may target the ad, that is, we want it to appear only to people who meet certain criteria. The social network processes the data according to the criteria specified by us, and we receive a result non-personalized by personal data for analysis.

3. Disclosure to third parties
Your personal information, in particular your personal data that we process, may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies when this information is requested from us in accordance with the relevant legal order and on the basis of the relevant legal grounds. We do not distribute, reproduce publicly for commercial or any other purpose your personal information. Our site uses only personal data (two names) of authors of legal doctrine (scientific literature in the field of law) with an indication of the source from which this data was obtained, and this indication is for non-commercial purposes and is not related to processing or storing this data on our servers or other electronic media.

4. Information protection
We implement various technological security measures to protect your personal information.
SSL encryption. This site uses 256-bit SSL encryption for security and protection of sensitive content transmission, such as requests you send us using the site or contact form requests. You can recognize the encrypted link by the fact that the site address was changed from “http://” to “https://” and the address is preceded by a green lock symbol. If SSL encryption is enabled, the data you send us cannot be read by third parties.

5. Right of access to information
Access, deletion, restriction, pseudonymization of personal data information
As a visitor to our site, you have at any time the right to information about your personal data stored, their origin, as well as the purpose of data processing. Please consider as an objective fact your right to request to correct, delete, restrict and pseudonymize this personal data. For additional information about personal data, you can contact us at any time at the email address listed on our website on the Contacts page via the contact form.

6. Consent.
In the capacity of user of our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding personal data.

7. Right to update
We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be reflected on this page and will take effect immediately after its publication.

Last update: 26 March 2021